A guide to Juki Silai Machine – Everything you need to know 

Juki is a Japanese company that laid its foundation in 1938 and since then has been one of the top manufacturers of sewing machines globally. Its sales territory expanded from Japan to over 180 countries over the 74 years that it has been active.

Juki is the manufacturer of some of the best sewing machines, whether it is for household or industrial use.

In this article, we discuss the wide variety of sewing machines produced by Juki. We try and understand all the types of machines currently available in the market and help you figure out what will suit you best.

There are mainly two types of sewing machines – Industrial and Household. Below we discuss both of them to give you a brief idea of what will be best for you.

What is an Industrial sewing machine?

An industrial sewing machine is made for dealing with heavy-duty tasks. They are made for long-term, professional sewing tasks and are created with superior durability parts and motors.

Industrial sewing machines are made to handle thick materials such as leather and produce a faster stitch rate.

Juki Industrial sewing machine

Juki manufactures top-quality sewing machines to perform diverse functions. Their sewing machines can work in any field, from apparel products and sportswear to shoes, bags, and car seats.

The company produces three types of industrial machines – Lockstitch, Chainstich and Automatic Machine.


This model is a fundamental sewing machine. A needle thread and bobbin needle are threaded through every needle. The front of the fabric and the back of the fabric are stitched the same way.

Some high-selling models are – 

Lockstitch sewing machine DDL – 9000B. This is a simple sewing machine used to stitch two pieces of fabric together. Suitable for stitching dress shirts, suits or woman’s garments.

Zigzag stitching machine LZ- 2290A is designed to stitch two or more fabrics together. It is primarily used in stitching women’s undergarments and jackets.


The Chainstitch machine uses a single thread to stitch under the fabric in a chain-like pattern to create a knit-style seam.

Some highly recommended models are –

Lock sewing machine MO – 6800D is widely used for underwear and sportswear because it effectively sews overlock stitches for the products formed with stretchable fabric.

Button sewing machine MB – 1800A, as the name suggests is a button sewing machine.

Automatic Machine

This machine fully automates two or more processes. It can easily handle hand sewing, scissor cutting, fabric folding and shirring.

Some of the models available in the market are –

Pocket setter AP-876. This model automates the pocket-setting process for jeans.

Computer-controlled cycle machine AMS – 210EN, automatically sews pre-programmed patterns.

What is a household sewing machine?

Household sewing machine or domestic sewing machine is a compact, much easier-to-use machine. Juki produces a variety of domestic sewing machines like a tailor- use sewing machines, small-sized lock sewing machines, and quilt-making long-arm sewing machines.

Tailor – use a sewing machine is used for sewing straight stitches and is catered towards highly skilled sewers such as dressmakers, tailors and seamstresses. This machine can sew through heavy materials for curtains and jeans effectively.

Lock sewing machines are used for overcasting, frill stitch and creating all rolled seams.

Some best-selling models are  –

Household Sewing machine HZL-DX7, is a single sewing machine capable of sewing straight stitches, character stitches, zig-zag stitches and buttonholes.

Tailor use sewing machine TL-2200QVP Mini is a tailor-use sewing machine dedicated to sewing straight stitches. This machine can effectively sew curtains and jeans and uses the same pressor foot as an industrial sewing machine.

Semi-professional sewing machine TL-2020 PE is one of the best sewing models by Juki. It has features such as Sub tension units that help in balanced thread tensions. The foot controller comes with thread-trimming functions.

Another model with amazing needlework capacity is HZL-NX7 Kirei. This model is designed to provide its customers with ease. The machine can switch to a straight stitch sewing machine with its interchangeable single-needle system.

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What is the difference between an industrial sewing machine and a domestic sewing machine?

An industrial sewing machine is made for professionals and is used for mass production. As it has a very high work demand, the body is constructed with superior durability parts and motors. Whereas traditional sewing machines are used in a more relaxed setting. They are commonly used for regular household stitching or by professionals such as tailors and seamstresses.

Thus their making and output functionalities may vary. You can opt for either of these options according to your needs and requirements.

Juki sewing machine price range

The price of sewing machines can vary from machine to machine according to their features, size and making.

The industrial sewing machine starts from around 36,000 Rs and can go up to 1.5 lacs. the same price range goes for a household sewing machine which starts at around 27,000 Rs.


The article has tried to sum up everything you would need to know about a sewing machine before buying it. It has also tried to put all the required information together so that you can make an informed decision according to your need and liking.

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