Best Mining GPU 2022 – 8 Best GPU for Mining

Best Mining GPU 2022

Before you start mining cryptocurrencies, you should answer the following question Does the home’s electrical wiring allow for powerful computing devices to run, as the whole process depends on it. Plus, mining is not cheap fun, and, like any business, you can go bankrupt here.

If there is a positive answer to this question, then you can think about mining cryptocurrencies, but again, after a thorough study of the problem, it is worth getting to work.

Types of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is encryption in the form of a program code. Today, such currencies include more than 200 denominations, excluding those with non-working

The three main currencies in the virtual world are as follows:

  • Bitcoin – This currency’s issue is announced at 21 million and has not yet been reached today.
  • Ethereum – is a currency with a short history, but it is already consistently generating income.
  • Litecoin – This currency was invented as an analog of silver in the digital world. In contrast to Bitcoin, which is stated as the equivalent of gold.

The exchange rate of a certain currency is constantly changing on virtual exchanges. So, if you want to have a stable income, you need to monitor all currencies’ behavior carefully. In this case, calculations must be carried out and the “dummy” currencies removed. They may have a certain course at the start of their journey, but they go away with no way of recovering the miner’s money over time.

Types of revenue

There are several ways to earn digital currency. The main methods are:

  1. Purchase and sale All types of cryptocurrencies can be bought for real money at certain exchanges or exchange locations. By buying coins at the start of growth and watching the rate as it goes up, you can make good money on the sale.
  2. Investments Income from the exchange rate By investing your Bitcoin share in a common cause, you can earn a little more, even with exchange rate fluctuations.
  3. Cloud mining Payment for outbound capacities of large data centers that specialize in the extraction of cryptocurrencies. Simultaneously, the revenue goes to the machine; the user has to pay for the power supply on time. The prices of such services are quite high, but even if these funds have been invested, no one gives a 100% guarantee of receiving a net income.
  4. Crypto Mining A method of extracting currencies independently using PC devices. At the same time, mining requires modern and powerful hardware.

All types of income have advantages and disadvantages. The choices for a novice miner are huge, and it is better to analyze all possible methods before starting the work. You can also easily fall for scammers with an investment method.

How can you make money from mining in 2022?

The organization of mining revenues is done in two ways:

Solo is a type of mining with self-purchased equipment. In this case, all funds received will remain for themselves.

Extraction in pools This is the way multiple users work on a single chain. In this case, the division of income is carried out according to the specified capacity.

Any organization of such revenue implies the presence of certain computer equipment. This includes processors, graphics cards, and a special device called an ASIC.

The main advantage of ASICs is that it is a finished product for earning cryptocurrencies with greater mining performance. You have not only hardware but also software. once installed, they’re ready to mine currencies. The main disadvantage of such devices is the high price, and therefore a long payback period.

To start mining, experts recommend installing a “farm” of graphics cards with maximum mining performance and trying to work with less valuable currencies.

Best GPU for Mining in 2022

Not all graphics cards produced are suitable for mining digital currencies. The main selection criteria are lower power consumption when the devices are in operation around the clock. Otherwise, all income goes to electricity bills.

Also, it makes sense to purchase the latest graphics cards from the latest models. In the event of a refusal to work or develop a card, such devices are easily sold and returned.

The highest performance indicators were shown by cards based on AMD and Nvidia technologies. This review will be dedicated to these and other GPUs. The analysis includes technical parameters and prices.

MSI GAMING Radeon RX 470

Best Mining GPU 2022
MSI GAMING Radeon RX 470
Video processor frequency926 MHz 
Storage type and capacity GDDR5 4096 MB
Video memory frequency 7000 MHz 
Bus width 256 bit 
Number of general-purpose processors 2048 
Power adapter 300 watts 

Our assessment

The most important characteristic of a mining card is its time for a user to get it back. MSI GAMING Radeon RX 470 has a storage capacity ranging from 4 to 8 GB and a frequency of 1270 MHz. This card pays for itself in around 4 months, taking into account the electricity bills.

As for the main parameters, this graphics card is almost no worse than the RX 480 model, and during the “boom” it became a completely rational analog for users who did not have time or could not buy the RX 480 models for their own needs.

There is also a good aftermarket for the RX 470 graphics card, and difficulties with the core overheating during regular loading are rare. The performance of these graphics cards has long had an impeccable reputation. So when you buy a Radeon RX 470 model, you won’t regret it.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming
Best GPU for Ethereum mining
Video processor frequency 1556 MHz 
Storage type and capacity GDDR5X 11264 MB 
Memory frequency 11000 MHz
Bus width 352 bits
Number of general-purpose processors 3584
Power adapter 600 watts

Our assessment

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is a regular contributor to various top mining cards, and this review is no exception. The hash rate ratios are worse than top-end graphics cards, but the lower price compared to premium cards brings the same return.

The company has developed this Nvidia external GPU for games, but the cryptocurrency miners quickly found a place for it. Because of its excellent performance and low power consumption, the card is a good solution. Among the board’s advantages is the limiting hash rate, and among the minuses in the reviews, they note a high cost.

The coefficients of the graphics card fully meet the requirements for mining digital coins. GPU GP102, high-speed GDDR5X memory. The required power supply is 600 W, and the temperature limit is 84 degrees. According to the test results, the hash rate fluctuates around 31.8 Mh /s, and overclocking increased that ratio by 12 percent.

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 TI

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 TI (Best GPU for crypto mining)
Best GPU for crypto mining
Video processor frequency 1607 MHz
Storage type and capacity GDDR5 8000 MB
Video memory frequency 8192 MHz 
Bus width 256 bit 
Number of general-purpose processors 2432 
Power adapter 500 watts 

Our assessment

Another, not entirely new, the map was released a few years ago. ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 TI has lower parameters compared to the GTX 1080 Ti but is still a good board for gaming. It can be safely used in mining cryptocurrency. The main advantage of the board is the excellent match between cost and quality and even better energy efficiency compared to the GTX 1080.

Oversized graphics cards with efficient power supply and backlighting. The performance has been improved three times compared to previous generation boards.

The hash rate in the factory settings is 26.3 Mh / s, individual overclocking increases this coefficient. Better performance on tests. For example, an output of 31.7 Mh / s was obtained during ether degradation and the power consumption was 110 watts. Improved cooling increases shelf life. 3 fans are only activated after reaching 64 degrees, they work quietly.

The recommended power supply has a power of 500 W and the technological characteristics are suitable not only for miners but also for gamers.

Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti

Best graphic card for Mining crypto
Video processor frequency 1657 MHz
Storage type and capacity GDDR5X 8192 MB 
Memory frequency 10010 MHz 
Bus width 256 bit 
Number of general-purpose processors2560 
Power adapter500 watts 

Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti is the Best Mining GPU 2022 with 8 GB of GDDR5X memory on board. The model’s performance is said to be acceptable – 180 W. This card offers 507 Sol / s for miners in Zcash currency, but for mining in Ethereum, NVidia Corporation’s board is not the best choice because the hash rate is no longer than 24 Mh / s.


Best GPU for Mining Ethereum
Video processor frequency 1506 MHz 
Storage type and capacity GDDR5 6144 MB 
Memory frequency 8000 MHz 
Bus width 192 bits 
Number of general-purpose processors 1280 
Power adapter400 watts 

Best GPU for Mining

The small storage capacity, which fluctuates between 3 and 6 GB, has an impact on performance. The MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 is the Best Mining GPU 2022 but only offers a hash rate of 20 MHz / s, but the frequency is 1800 MHz. The developers confidently underline the quality and durability of the board.

The model was in demand even before the sensational growth of digital coins. Therefore, it is still perfectly bought up today despite the significantly lower performance than the new graphics cards in the series. The GTX 1060 is not the overall best board for mining in Ethereum, but it is still a very reliable and high-quality solution for most miners.

Users find these high-quality motherboards profitable with quick payback and expanded overclocking potential. The temperature of the model is 68 degrees. It keeps the value stable from 50 to 60 degrees. With overclocking options, lower power consumption, and lower electricity costs, these cards manage the hash rate’s dynamics to prevent sudden drops.

In terms of price and performance, this GPU is rated as acceptable.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 (Best Graphic card for mining eth)
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070
Video processor frequency 1506 MHz 
Storage type and capacity GDDR5 8192 MB 
Memory frequency8000 MHz 
Bus width 256 bit 
Number of general-purpose processors1920 
Power adapter 500 watts 

Our assessment

Despite its further development, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 cannot stand out compared to other boards in terms of payback time. It is produced with only 8 GB of memory and has a maximum speed of 28 Mh / s, but all of this is probably too expensive for a card today. For it to pay off, the user has to endure about 150 days.

The model that has shown itself to be successful in the degradation of ether undoubtedly rightly takes 6th place in this evaluation.

The Pascal architecture, which is typical of all GeForce 10 video cards and offers the possibility to achieve three times better results, makes the card almost inaccessible to AMD competitors. It is important to note that this technical solution is the most widespread among digital coin miners worldwide. Therefore the user has to pay a considerable amount for his purchase.

This solution is better suited for users who do not want to “invent a bicycle” and can afford to purchase multiple such graphics cards.

Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 

Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 
Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 
Video processor frequency  1341 MHz
Storage type and capacity GDDR5 4096 MB 
Memory frequency 7008 MHz
Bus width 128 bit 
Number of general-purpose processors 768 
Power adapter 300 watts

Our assessment

Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is the most budget-friendly solution from this review. It should be borne in mind that the profit from such a board will be relatively small. Still, if the rate of digital coins like Ethereum and Zcash increases, it is quite possible to recoup the board’s price and make a profit. always taking into account the electricity costs.

They are based on the Pascal architecture and offer three times faster performance than the previous generation’s processors. Above all, they consume significantly less electricity. No wonder, after the sudden surge in the digital coin rate, the demand for these boards has become incredible.

This card will appeal to beginners who are starting to mine cryptocurrency and want to experience the crypto-economy for themselves. This card is not recommended for installation on a huge farm, but it will do great results at home. If the user missed the sudden surge in digital coins but still wants to take them down, the GTX 1050 Ti is a pretty good solution.

XFX Radeon RX 580 

XFX Radeon RX 580
XFX Radeon RX 580
Video processor frequency 1366 MHz
Storage type and capacity GDDR5 8192 MB 
Memory frequency 8000 MHz 
Bus width 256 bit 
Number of general-purpose processors2304 
Power adapter 500 watts 

Our assessment

MD’s GPUs are just as popular as NVidia boards. Because of their low cost (typically AMD graphics cards cost less compared to GeForce products), the Radeon RX 470 and 480 disappeared from retail stores within seconds of the BTC rate spike.

Users looking to build a productive mining farm with normal power consumption should pay due attention to the XFX Radeon RX 580. It has great overclocking potential that can improve the parameters of the chip and the installed high-speed GDDR5 memory with a capacity of 4 GB.

The Radeon RX 580 hardly differs from the previous top contender, although this model’s technological characteristics are slightly better. This is a 1257 MHz frequency overclocked to 1340 MHz and an updated version of the Polaris 20 core that replaces the Polaris 10, which has a similar computing unit makeup. The RX580 is a more recent graphics card, so its cost is slightly higher than its predecessor.

Bitcoin Mining Buying Guide – Best GPU for Mining

Subject to the correct construction of farms, full equipment payback will take anywhere from six months to infinity. Simultaneously, the amount of 100 rubles per day is considered a fairly large income from the farm. For those who believe that the profitable part will be higher and gold will flow like a river, this type of income is not suitable for mining.

In connection with the increasing interest in cryptocurrency mining, the demand for graphics cards has increased significantly. For this reason, special maps have been released for mining that does not allow display on the monitor. Their advantage is that the price is lower than with conventional graphics cards and the operating frequencies increase. The drawbacks include the inability to get to the screen. In addition, these cards are sold to key players in the mining industry.

When deciding which is the Best GPU for Mining, you need to focus on the model that will pay off the fastest. Therefore, buying high-end graphics cards may not be justified due to their high cost, high power consumption, and low performance.

Mountain farm 

A mining farm is a very powerful computer that is configured to perform code computation operations. In principle, a mining computer is very similar to game models, but with many graphics cards connected on special rigs. Particular attention is paid to the power supply and motherboard; without enough slots, a motherboard can become unusable for mining.

Mega designs with 6 graphics cards may require 2 power supplies to prevent overheating and fire. The cooling system is also important. With active participation in the air, all devices can be heated to 100 ° C, leading to failure. Not all graphics cards can have adequate cooling. Therefore, additional coolers are mandatory hardware components in a mining farm.

You will also need a hard drive with enough space to install programs and the operating system, as well as RAM that can be used to troubleshoot software problems. Usually, 4 gigabytes is enough for mining, but this is not the limit. The higher the memory, the faster the operations will run.


You can start the mining process on a standard Windows system, and automatically select drivers for the hardware, but you can also use Ubuntu. At the moment, everyone decides what kind of mining software is needed, depending on how the mining takes place: alone or with the help of a pool.

According to the latest reviews, mining in solo mining has slightly reduced profitability, and most miners prefer to merge or switch to the cloud mining option. Thus, part of the work of the equipment is smoothed in the idle version.

Cloud mining 

Let’s take a closer look at this method of mining coins called “cloud mining.” Making money in this plan is for large companies that have mining equipment to lease their facilities. This type of mining saves the time and money required to purchase personal equipment, but it is expensive to invest in such programs.

It’s also a great place for scammers to work. Therefore, it pays to weigh and review everything many times when it comes to getting involved with such systems. Otherwise, by investing funds, you may get the impossibility of their withdrawal.

General information 

Before you begin, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • The general idea of mining combines the maximum reduction in the cost of money on hardware and equipment with the farm’s full power. 2. Mining equipment is called a “farm” for a reason. You have to follow her many hours a day. At the same time, conduct a correct analysis by calculating the risks on a calculator.
  • Bitcoin, a currency for mining with an independent form of income on your farm, has lost profitability today. It is better to watch out for currencies with low mining difficulty.
  • Mining Bitcoin using the “solo” method can be profitable provided the rate is above 40,000$.
  • The production of lesser-known currencies must be constantly monitored for exchange rates. It is advisable to exchange them for a dollar or Bitcoin upon receipt, as nobody knows how such a currency will behave in the future.
  • The ability to buy the Best GPU for Mining at wholesale prices can cut the costly part of a business plan.
  • In any case, you should not start mining without having complete confidence in the outcome. However, to do this, you need to understand the problem’s gist as much as possible.
  • When planning income from mining, all experts warn against getting involved in loan commitments. Interest payments cover all income in one fell swoop, and since mining is a type of income for the future, there is a risk of falling into a large debt hole that will be almost impossible to get out of.

Mining isn’t a passive form of income – it’s a lot of work researching the market for the demand for a given currency, equipment costs, and utility bills. At the same time, having a competent approach will allow you to get income in the form of a currency that will be able to significantly improve its position in the market and thus get the expected dividends.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the best graphics card for mining 2022?

1. MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060
2. Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti
3. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

which is the best GPU for mining?

as we summarize in the article the best GPUs are following
1. MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060
2. Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti
3. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

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