Fat Joe Net Worth (All You Need To Know)

Fat Joe Net Worth

Fat Joe is an American known as a millionaire in the rapper and music industry of America. Fat Joe net worth is $4 million American dollars which is the best among professional rappers and artists.

Fat Joe’s famous hip-hop song  Lean back was his trademark which was a super hit that makes his way into the hip-hop industry. As per records Fat Joe net worth in 2022 is about $4 Million.

Name Fat Joe
Fat Joe Net Worth $4 Million American Dollars

Fat Joe Net Worth

Fat Joe Career

Joseph Antonio Cartagena or known as a professional rapper Fat Joe from New York started his career by joining a hip hop brand Diggin’ in the Crates Crew where he collaborated with different rappers and made professional links.

In 1992 Fat Joe created his own squad of rappers and named it Terror Squad. His members were Big Pun, Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine, etc. In 1993 they released their album Represent which got 1st in Billboard Hot Rap Singles from Flow Joe song.

Fat Joe then got big projects and signed with companies like Universal Atlantic and Entertainment 1. Fat Joe net worth and collaboration with celebrities increased as he worked and collaborated with  Jennifer Lopez, Remy Ma, Dj Khaled, French Montana, and many more.

Fat Joe Music Work

Represent  Released in 1993
Jealous One’s Envy Released  in 1995
Loyalty  Released in 2002
The Elephant in the Room  Released  in 2008
The Darkside Vol. 1  Released in 2010
What Would Big Do 2021  Released  in 2021

Fat Joe is also a professional actor who has done work in movies and appeared in famous television shows as well.

Fat Joe Movies

New York Undercover Released in 2019
Lady Rider Released  in 2007
Happy Feet Released in 2006
The Cookout 2 Released  in 2011
Scary Movie 3 Released in 2003
Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop and the Cops Released  in 2006

Fat Joe Family and Early Life

Fat Joe is a professional actor and hip hop musician who was born on 19 August 1970 in New York, Fat Joe’s parents Ernesto Delgado, and Marie Cartagena was poor. His brother made him a member of hip hop at an early stage.

Lorena Cartagena is Fat Joe’s wife, the couple had three beautiful children. Ryan Cartagena,Joey Cartagena, Azariah Cartagena.

Father Name Ernesto Delgado
Mothers Name Marie Cartagena
Wife Name Lorena Cartagena
Children’s Ryan Cartagena/Joey Cartagena/Azariah Cartagena
Real  Name Joseph Antonio Cartagena

 fat Joe with spouse Lorena Cartagena

Fat Joe Legal Issues

Fat Joe as many legal issues since his childhood, Fat Joe was in the news in 2013 and was fined $200,000  for evading tax and was prisoned for 4 months. Fat Joe net worth at that time was 3 million. Fat Joe net worth now in 2022 is $4 Million.

He was In hot water when his bodyguard was having a trial for murder and he was a witness in the court because the murder took place when he was in his car.

Fat Joe Real Estate

A massive part of Fat Joe net worth is spent on cars his lifestyle and properties, Fat Joe owns a beautiful property that he purchased in 2000 worth $115,000 in Florida. He owns a 2 Million Property of house which he made himself in 2007 on 5,300 square feet.

What is Fat Joe Height, Weight, And Age

Fat Joe is a famous hip-hop superstar in the United States. Fat Joe’s height is 6 ft i.e (1.85 m),Fat Joe’s Weight is around 80kg i.e 176 Pound. Fat Joe was in news because of his weight loss which was the first 300 pounds (140 kg).

Fat Joe use a tough diet and lost half of his weight in his struggle for weight loss. He expressed his views in his rap song Drop a Body.

Fat Joe

What is  Fat Joe’s Age:

Fat Joe was born in august 1970in New York. His age is 52 years.