How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022

Having many followers on Instagram is essential and how to increase them is the first question you should ask yourself when planning a social media marketing strategy: let’s see how to do it together

The key, on Instagram, is the followers, or followers, and their interactions. An Instagram profile with few followers is as if it didn’t exist and, in some cases, it would be better if it didn’t exist. In the sense that a little-followed profile is, from an image point of view, what is commonly called “a sensational own goal”, destined to damage the image and web reputation of the owner.

Having many followers on Instagram is essential and how to increase followers on Instagram is the first question that should be asked when planning a social media marketing strategy.

Buy some followers on specialized sites

Sites that sell followers for Instagram are born like SmmStore.Ca, this is because the demand is always higher. How come? The answer is so simple that it borders on banality: because it works extraordinarily well.

Buying Instagram followers Canada has many advantages, both immediate and long-term, for different types of users.

Wise use of hashtags and geolocation

To gain Instagram followers, geolocation and hashtags are your powerful weapons.

Depending on what your goal is, you should choose more popular hashtags, therefore generalists, or more specific if you are aiming for a niche. These will act as a magnet for the audience you want to attract.

Geolocation on the other hand, in addition to being essential for those who sell online, is a real boon for those who have a physical store.

It is also of enormous help for influencers and brands, as it will ensure that the geolocated photo or post is also viewed by those looking for interesting things in that geographical area.

This, in very practical terms, means expanding your catchment area and getting in touch with potential new followers.

Use storytelling techniques

Stories on Instagram are increasingly popular and are very effective for increasing the Instagram followers of a given account. Publishing an Instagram story is therefore a great opportunity to see your number of followers increase, which is why you shouldn’t improvise.

There are several methods, more or less effective, to tell a story that affects. If you want to increase your Instagram followers it is worth studying some of them.

Interact with followers

Interaction with your followers is a fundamental aspect and must be treated very carefully. Posts can contain a call to action, to get the public to activate and interact, interactions are taken into great consideration by the Instagram algorithm and the more you have the more visibility you gain. We must never forget that visibility is the “condition sine qua non” to increase Instagram followers.

Furthermore, the fact of creating a relationship, an emotional bond, with one’s followers will only make the profile more interesting and attractive in the eyes of investors.

Use engagement groups

Who has never looked with envy at those photos and posts that collect hundreds of comments at the speed of light?

The secret is the engagement groups, i.e. chats where groups of profiles help each other, commenting and interacting on the published posts, in order to guarantee more visibility to the users who are part of the group, whose ultimate goal, of course, is to increase Instagram followers.

Sponsor posts with Instagram Ads

Instagram has the potential to reach one billion people every month, most of whom are under the age of 30. With these impressive numbers, there’s no need to explain why investing in Instagram ADS is worth it.

In a nutshell, it is the possibility of sponsoring one’s own contents and it is another of the inevitable items in all social media marketing strategies.

The procedure is quite simple.

Once the Instagram account has been connected to the Facebook Business Manager, it is necessary to understand what the objective of the adv is, whether the popularity of a brand, to have more followers on Instagram.


Increasing followers on Instagram is one of the best strategies but, by itself, it is not enough to climb the rankings of this social network and win customers and investors.

On Instagram interactions are very important and so is the percentage of interactions, active or “engaged” followers, on the number of followers.

One piece of advice, which can be found in any serious guide in the sector, is to turn to reliable providers such as SmmStore and buy packages of likes, comments and other interactions. In this way, even the organic followers of the profile will be more enticed to interact with each other and with the account.

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