Hunter Moore Net Worth (The Bad Guy)

Hunter Moore Net Worth

The guy had been famous for his bad doings and was known as the  Most Hated Man on the Internet. Hunter Moore net worth is $2 Million American Dollars in 2022. He is known for his criminal acts.

Hunter Moore is a famous American Criminal who has done very bad things on the internet. Hunter Moore is known for making a “Revenge ” Website “Is Anyone Up” in 2010, on which he allows users to upload Sensitive and Sexuality explicit content of people without their Consent.

Name Hunter Moore
Hunter Moore Net Worth $2 Million American Dollars
Hunter Moore Net Worth
Hunter Moore Net Worth

Hunter Moore wanted to be just like and compare himself with his idol Charles Manson “Criminal and Musician”. Professional Life Ruiner “Hunter Moore” was also paying hackers to hack Victim’s Social media accounts for their personal videos and pictures.

Hunter Moore is also famous for his Documentary on Netflix “The Most Hated Man on the Internet”.Hunter Moore net worth is $2 Million Dollars and known as one of the richest criminals.

Date of Birth: March 1986
Gender: Male
Hunter Moore Height and Weight  1.78m (5ft. 10inches) and 75 Kg
Nationality: Dominican Republic
Profession: Baseball Player

Hunter Moore Career

Hunter Moore starts his professional career and invested his all money in making a website for entertainment purposes but it was all in vain there was no visitor to his website. Later, Hunter Moore decided to change the Purpose of his website and make it a popular Revenge Website.

Hunter Moore Net Worth
Hunter Moore Net Worth

Where users upload Nude and private pictures and videos of their ex-girlfriends including information like “social media profiles and address” for revenge for doing this Hunter Moore’s website got lots of traffic. Hunter Moore makes lots of innocent women his victims and ruins their whole life and career.

Hunter Moore was posting private and nude pictures and videos of innocent girls on his website without their Consent which make him the most hated man on the internet he ruins many people’s life.

But in an interview with Rolling Stone, he claims that his purpose is not to ruin people’s life he was doing this for making a good amount of money. Hunter Moore gets what he wanted to get, his website increases attention and gets more traffic and more money and his website reached 350,000 users per day.

Is Hunter Moore back on the internet?

Hunter Moore was released from prison in 2017 and was banned to use the internet but later he was on social media his accounts were taken down from Facebook and Twitter. But he has a Twitter account “@_iamhuntermoore” on which he is posting his pictures.

What was the income source of Hunter Moore?

Hunter Moore’s source of income was his website “Is Anyone” and he also earn $8000-$13000 thousand dollars for Advertising Revenue per month.

Hunter Moore Net Worth
Hunter Moore Net Worth

Why Hunter Moore Wrote a book on “Is Anyone Up!”?

Hunter Moore wrote a book with the title of Is Anyone Up! in 2018. And it is also the income source of his net worth. In his book, he wrote about Revenge’, the back story, and behind scenes of his website.

Because of his activities on the internet, HunterMoore was reported by many girls and others because of her cybercrime activities. Moore was highly criticized on social media because of his website.

Hunter was so much in news and was jailed because of his illegal internet activities all social media sites banned his account for a lifetime, He was still seen on Twitter account after his bail from jail but Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms had not allowed him yet.