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Is It Possible To Rank In 1st Place In SERPs?

Whether you realize it or not, search engine results pages (SERPs) are a gateway to visibility. Every day, a lot of individuals look for knowledge. We are frequently reminded of our needs or our need for information. So we enter a search term, and presto, we have millions of websites to choose from to discover the solution.

Search engine optimization (SEO), a deliberate attempt to raise the ranking of your website in the SERPs, is driven by these huge volumes and close-ubiquitous exposure. Utilizing strategies like onsite content creation, technical upgrades, and link building will help your website rank higher.

The better, the higher your ranking. For most individuals, this makes sense. You must be well versed with the point that if you are well optimized, then only you will be able to rank on the higher pages and get the right traffic. If you are not able to rank on page one, then you are eventually going to lose traffic. Very few users like to browse page two or three, but most of them focus on the websites that have placed a place on page one.

You might be unable to comprehend the significance of a #1 rating for your business. Ranking 2 is still excellent, even though ranking 1 is more significant. No, not always. According to some research, 33 percent of all search engine traffic lands on the first page. Only 18% of the traffic that rank 1 receives goes to rank 2, which receives less than half as much.

These Are Some Of The Main Conclusions

Rank one generates about twice as much traffic as Rank 2. You should understand that rank 2 is inferior to rank 1. But rank 1 brings in roughly twice as much traffic. A page’s traffic can be instantaneously doubled by moving up one rank position.

Below-four rankings are not worthwhile. Climbing the SERPs requires time and work, even if you reach page 2 or 3 Spending so much effort and money to get up to rank four might not be profitable (depending on the search volume). Having one rank one position rather than several page 2 places is frequently more advantageous.

Recognize The Fundamentals Of SEO

It’s important to comprehend the core elements of an SEO strategy with help of the team SEO Parramatta. Despite the fact that there are other ranking indications to take into account, most of your approach will be built around one of them.

  • Strategic direction The proper target must be the focus of your SEO approach. You will burn up all of your cash before you receive any noticeable results if you concentrate on keywords that are outside your area of expertise or already being dominated by rivals. The secret to everything is in your targeting approach.
  • Alterations to a website’s code. Google and other search engines prefer websites that function smoothly and offer a positive user experience. This implies that your website must fulfill Google’s technical criteria, and all material should be freely accessible to consumers.
  • You require material. You need onsite content that is unique, in-depth, thoroughly researched, and targeted. You may use this to simultaneously optimize for certain themes and establish authority.
  •   Building links. Did you know that websites in positions 1 through 10 have 3.8 times more backlinks than their rivals in positions 2–10? Your website gains authority via backlinks.

Therefore, the more backlinks you have, the more authoritative they will be. Earning and constructing backlinks is crucial if you want to move up the SERPs. However, you would require nearly four times as many backlinks as your nearest rivals to get ranked. 

Begin With The Appropriate Keyword Targets

You must choose the right keywords to target to reach the ideal audience and improve your chances of ranking #1 on Google.

  •   Put relevance first. Consider the search terms your target market will employ to locate a business like yours.
  • Learn more about your main rivals. Where do they stand right now? They target certain keywords; which keywords?
  • The harmony between competitiveness and search volume. Higher search volume keywords are more valuable and challenging to rank for. Search for phrases with a moderate volume level but little to no competition.

Keep Your Keywords Separate

Your website should have a single keyword as the focal point of each page. If several pages are vying for the same term, they will eventually clash. The keyword cannibalization issue can significantly reduce your plan’s efficacy and keep you from ranking at the top. 


It’s impossible to automate SEO. Additionally, using it is not straightforward. If you want to be successful, you must undertake in-depth research and meticulously design your marketing approach. If you manage to do so and place at least one phrase at the top of search engine results pages, you can still outperform the competition (SERPs).

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