MSI Optix MAG241C gaming monitor review summary

MSI is a real benchmark in the IT world and especially about screens, with a pervasive range of products. The Optix MAG241C enjoys a certain popularity among consumers, with the honor sometimes its value for money, sometimes the beauty and fluidity of its images. But are all promises kept?

What a success! Just as an object, it denotes thanks to its excellent finishes, apparent durability, and the support’s solidity. It is nevertheless a bit regrettable that it cannot be adjusted in height. The display, for its part, is magnificent, and we owe it to several reasons. Its generosity plays a certain role, whether found in the device’s dimensions or its curved format. This is also one of the model’s greatest achievements in terms of immersion.

The beauty of colors and images does not suffer from any dispute, although, it will be necessary to perform a calibration. For this, avoid the buttons on the monitor, and go directly through the software provided, much simpler and faster. This gaming screen’s success would be nothing without its 144 Hz refresh rate,, which, you will see, is a step forward.


Size 23.6 inch
Weight 4.20 kg
Resolution 1920 x 1080p (full HD)
Brightness 300 ANSI
Refresh rate 144 Hz, AMD FreeSync
Display 178 ° panoramic
Response time 1 ms
Connections DisplayPort 1.2 | HDMI 1.4 (2x) | USB 2.0 (2x)
Application Gaming OSD
Remote control App. MSI Remote Display

Our Full Review of the MSI Optix MAG241C Gaming Monitor

Please find below the details of our analysis concerning the quality of construction and display, or the performance in terms of refreshment. You will then discover our opinion at the end of the article.


Reception, Presentation and design

It is carefully positioned in an MSI package that the PC screen arrives, well-protected. When the choice is given to you, we recommend that you opt for delivery with an “Amazon” package, for maximum discretion.

As an object, the Optix exudes quality and the finishes are exemplary, worthy of an MSI material. Its generous dimensions of 23.6 inches reveal a very generous full HD display, especially since it is a curved PC screen with a VA panel! Indeed, the panoramic format offers a beautiful angle of 178 °. The effect of depth is noticeable while the feeling of immersion is clearly enhanced. The weight of 4.20 kg remains perfectly reasonable and even allows you to move it – even if that is not the primary goal.

Let’s talk briefly about support. Solid, it offers perfect screen stability, but keep in mind that it can be quite bulky depending on the size of the desktop. Also, gamers who like to play with the keyboard very close to the monitor will not necessarily be the most satisfied. Small damaging point also: the foot is not adjustable in height. A request, however, frequently formulated by users …

MAG241C gaming monitor

Start-up and operation

Installation is simple, thanks to a Plug’N’Play type start-up and clear instructions. However, this reveals too little about the machine’s functions, such as calibration or even operation. Fortunately, you benefit from more resources on the net for this gamer screen!

In the same vein, start-up and use are easy. On the first point, the wealth of connections allows you to connect several peripherals. Note, however, that the refresh rate of 144 Hz is only available via Display Port – the HDMI, it will be satisfied with the classic 60 Hz.

If some users take advantage of the included DP, this was not the case for others. Depending on whether you have it or not, an additional purchase may therefore be necessary. On the second point, several buttons are arranged on the monitor to navigate among the different functions, but the Gaming OSD application – displayed on the screen – facilitates the setting.

Small interesting point: you can take control of your screen remotely thanks to the MSI Remote Display app, available on Android. We find more or less the same calibration features as on the main app – so it’s still a gadget.

MAG241C gaming monitor

The Screen - Colorimetry, Contrast and Brightness

This is a point that divides consumers a little more, although a large majority are largely satisfied. In our eyes, the brightness is perfect thanks to 300 ANSI Lumens, while the colors are beautiful and vivid. So imagine the beauty of rendering on a curved PC screen!

Strong colors… a little too strong? This is indeed a criticism raised here and there about the calibration. Some recommend that you use the Gaming OSD application, leaving you free to choose the options. Brightness, contrast, saturation … The possibilities are quite rich, and everyone can, therefore, navigate.

Overall, the display quality is undeniable. The VA panel does the job, but an IPS panel would have been the Holy Grail! Keep in mind, however, that this is a much more expensive technology.

The Beauty of 144Hz Refresh

This is the main advantage of the machine: its refreshment! The difference between 60 Hz and 144 Hz is noticeable, more than between 144 Hz and 240 Hz. Here we have the perfect balance at a controlled price! Concretely, what are the consequences? The most nervous scenes scroll through so many images that it may not be enough to scan the screen. We can then see appear, the time of 1-2s, a slight shift between several portions of the image, which corresponds to when the screen is refreshed.

At 144 Hz, the most intense action and war scenes of video games and films will not take your retina off but will leave you in awe of their fluidity. Such speed of execution is reflected in the response time of 1 ms, which is almost instantaneous, and therefore benefits from the contributions of the VA panel. The refresh is accompanied by AMD Free Sync technology, which ensures perfect synchronization of the images between the gamer screen and the GPU The Graphics Card.

Starting from this pleasure for peepers, we can extend more widely to the comfort of use. MSI does it all by protecting the eyes against flickering thanks to Flickr-free and light thanks to a dedicated technology. The eye strain decreases frankly, making the use more pleasant. 

In this perspective, the screen is suitable for gamers who like long and intense gaming sessions and office automation. For example, prolonged use for a professional working mainly on a computer is entirely in line with these technologies.

  • Large curved PC screen
  • Very good refresh rate
  • Rich connectivity
  • Numerous adjustment options
  • No screen height adjustment
  • No IPS panel
  • Calibration required