The Jeff Bezos Penis Rocket

Several companies are trying to send a dick-shaped rocket to space. One is Virgin Galactic and the other is Blue Origin. Both are looking to make money by sending people on the first commercial space flight. Having said that, the only problem is that both of these rockets are extremely expensive.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard

Designed to carry humans to space, Blue Origin’s New Shepard is a fully reusable suborbital launch vehicle. It consists of a pressurized crew capsule on top of a reusable booster rocket. It has the capacity to take six astronauts to space.

The spacecraft is 60 feet (18 meters) tall and has a room for six passengers. It can carry up to 36 payloads, including experiments for science, math, and technology education. It has been used for payload flights that support research and development for space technology. Almost half of the payloads on the mission were funded by NASA, while the rest were from STEM education organizations.

This was the first dedicated scientific payload flight since August 2021. The flight included experiments from NeoCity Academy, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and six high school students. The experiment will test how gravity affects ultrasonic sound waves.

The capsule will fly to an altitude of about 50 miles and separate from the carrier craft White Knight II. The capsule will then land vertically.

Jeff Bezos’ dick-shaped ship to space

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos spent billions of dollars to go to space. During his trip he brought with him a few special things. One of the more unique gifts was a Blue Origin spacecraft which has a phallic shape.

The shape of this spacecraft has sparked many Internet memes. It’s been compared to the infamous Austin Powers phallic space shuttle. Some are pointing the arrow at a more modern example: Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket.

The Blue Origin spacecraft has a domed capsule on top, which optimizes cabin space. It also has a phallic profile. It has been compared to the aforementioned Blue Mars rocket, but in this case the spacecraft is actually a domed capsule.

The Blue Origin spacecraft has sparked a slew of snarky Internet comments. It’s gotten so bad that some people are petitioning to prevent Bezos from re-entering the planet.

The Blue Origin spacecraft has also been compared to the dick-shaped rocket from the movie Austin Powers. This is because of the film’s clever use of inuendo, sex references, and of course the incomprehensible spaceship.

Model rocket made by Estes

Earlier this month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos flew his company’s rocket to low earth orbit and back. Now, you can take your own trip to space in the form of a model.

A company called Estes has built a small scale model of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. It can fly up to 400 feet into the air, and it even comes with a launch pad. Its name is the New Shepard, but it’s more of a homage than a full on copycat. You can buy it on its own, or with an electronic launch controller. It can also be purchased in a starter set that includes a launch pad and other space goodies.

The best part about the New Shepard is that it can be used repeatedly, as the miniature rocket is reusable. It has a parachute that will let it safely land on Earth.

This little rocket may not be able to take you to Mars, but it will definitely get you to your office, or your next conference meeting. The real thing might not come cheap, but you can build your own with a few simple materials. You’ll need some batteries and a launch pad.

Virgin Galactic’s penis rocket

Earlier this month, Jeff Bezos launched his rocket into space. He was the second person to ride his own spacecraft into outer space. While the first was Sir Richard Branson, Bezos’s launch was controversial for many reasons. For example, the spacecraft’s phallic shape got a lot of attention, but also caused a lot of jokes.

When Bezos’s spaceship landed, the internet went into overdrive with a variety of jokes. Some dealt with the awkward shape of the spaceship and others with the treatment of Amazon employees. One writer even compared Bezos to the Soviet space dog Laika.

Despite the jokes, the flight was successful and Bezos landed safely in West Texas desert. In addition, he has already sold tickets for future flights. He has two more human missions planned before the end of the year. And he’s also planning to take his brother Mark on the first crewed flight.

The trip will cost $450k per seat. The company is offering multi- and single-seat buyouts, as well as full-flight buyouts.

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