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Top 10 best incense sticks in India

Burning incense sticks have been part of our culture for a long time. They have been used in religious ceremonies and prayers as a tribute to the god. While they had their devotional and spiritual meaning, these sticks also help to add a sweet scent to our surroundings.

The use of incense sticks has been traced back to Vedic times. The Vedas are the oldest written source that mentions incense sticks, specifically Atharveda and Rigveda.

The production of incense sticks in those times was done under strict rules and guidelines, thus requiring a certain amount of skill and patience.

Today, we discuss some of the best modern versions of these incense sticks and brands that still embody these skills to provide us with the best.

  • Cycle Pure Agarbatti

Cycle pure agarbatti has been a part of India since 1948. Since then, Cycle pure agarbatti has become a symbol and is widely trusted around the world. It is India’s number one and largest incense stick-selling brand.

Its library boasts around 500 fragrances to choose from which are all made in-house.

  • Kalpana Agarbatti

Kalapana Agarbatti was established in the year 1970. The owner started his business on his bicycle and then expanded it from there.

Kalpana agarbatti provides you with a calm mind. The soothing fragrance calms you down, creates an ambience that reduces stress and anxiety and enhances your devotional focus.

  • Zed Black

Zed black is a manufacturer of premium quality incense sticks in India. They create long-lasting incense sticks that can be used for meditation, gaining peace and making the aura breathable and fresh.

By Producing traditional Indian incense sticks, Zed Black seeks to provide its users with a diversity of options for their needs that fit the modern context.

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  •  Mangaldeep Sandal Agarbatti

Mangaldeep Sandal agarbatti is one of the most sought-after incense sticks in the market. The fragrance of sandalwood is considered synonymous with holy places and divinity. The agarbattis are packed with a fragrance lock system to preserve the aroma.

Sandal agarbattis have a tranquil effect on our minds and body. Sandal agarbattis are long-lasting and provide a calming aroma.

  • Patanjali’s Astha Agarbatti

Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali has dabbled into the incense stick market with its Astha Agarbattis. Astha Agarbattis are made from natural herbs. These herbs have great significance in controlling diseases.

These agarbattis also help in purifying the surroundings and help a devotee keep the connection between Atma and Parmatama.

  • Nandi Deluxe Incense sticks

Nandi has been around since 1936, intending to provide tranquillity and joy. Nandi incense sticks contain a natural south Indian fragrance with a touch of sandalwood. They are hand-rolled and made with great care.

  • Hari Darshan

Hari Darshan produces a premium range of fresh and pure incense sticks. These sticks have a hundred per cent pure, lasting aroma and are made from the best quality ingredients.

Hari Darshan incense sticks are cruelty-free, vegan options in the market. They are non-toxic, ethical and handmade.

  • Dharohar Incense sticks

Dharohar is a fairly new company that has stepped into the market. It comes with a wide range of incense sticks and is made with a special blend containing high-quality ingredients.

These incense sticks are hundred per cent charcoal free, have low-smoke technology and are long-lasting. They dispel negative energy, soothe the atmosphere and relieve stress.

  • Poojadeep Agarbatti

Poojadeep agarbatti has been manufacturing incense sticks for the last 25 years. They provide a wide variety of incense to choose from. It has been one of the top 10 incense sticks in India for the last 25 years.

They also run initiatives to support new entrepreneurs to start their agarbatti manufacturing units in their hometowns.

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  • Tiranga Agarbatti

Tiranga is the selling incense stick brand in India. It also comes in a variety such as rose, sandal, mogra and Tiranga.

Tiranga is a combination of aromatic flowers that are mixed and blended according to ancient customs. The traditional method of production gives them a quality that brings peace to the mind every time a stick is burned.


These are some of the best incense sticks currently available in the market for you to use. Whether it is for prayers or just to enhance the ambience, these incense sticks will not fail you.

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