Vera Davich Net Worth (All You Need To Know)

Vera Davich Net Worth

Vera Davich is a well-known personality the Ex-wife of the famous American actor, and Singer Scott Patterson. Vera Davich net worth is $15 Million American Dollars in 2022.

Vera Davich got famous for just marrying the popular American actor Scott Patterson. Her Ex-husband is popular for appearing in “Gilmore Girls” (2000) as Luke Danes. He also played the famous character role of “Agent Strahm” in “Saw 4, Saw 5, and Saw 6”.

Vera Davich net worth in 2022 is $15 Million.

Name Vera Davich
Vera Davich Net Worth $15 Million American Dollars
Vera Davich Net Worth
Vera Davich Net Worth
Date of Birth: December 5, 1963
Gender: Female
Vera Davich Height And Weight 5 feet 7 Inches (1.7m) 54 kg
Nationality: United States Of America
Profession:  Tv Personality/Wife of Famous Actor

Vera Davich Early life, Education & Family

Vera Davich wife of the famous  Scott Patterson was born on 5th December 1963 in America. Vera Davich completes her early studying at Haddonfield Memorial High School.

She graduated from Rutgers University, where Vera Davich met Scott Patterson and start loving each other they were found dating in their university life also and was famously known as the very romantic couple of the university and both graduated from the same university in 1977.

Vera Davich Net Worth And Husband
Vera Davich Net Worth And Husband

After a long time in a relationship, they both decided to tie the knot and got married in 1983. Vera Davich became very famous after tying the knot with a popular celebrity in America. But unfortunately, their love life was not so long that they decided to end their marriage in 1985.


Vera Davich Career

As the wife of a popular American star, she has many appearances on Talk shows and many reality shows with her husband Scott Patterson but she never highlights anything about her career and profession.

After the divorce, she disappeared from social media and don’t have any official accounts. Vera Davich net worth and fame were because of her husband, she was not a public figure before and after the marriage.


After her divorce and leaving the limelight in social media she is still having a luxurious lifestyle. Vera Davich net worth or source of income is not known but reports and people think that her income comes from her divorce settlement.

She has a luxury home on the beachfront that costs about $5 Million and the luxury car is estimated to cost $25,000 American Dollars. Vera Davich net worth overall is estimated at $15 Million in 2022.

Who is Scott Patterson’s Wife Now?

Scott Patterson married two times in his life. First, he married his High School Crush and love Vera Davich in 1983 but later on, due to miss understanding, they end their relationship.

After the divorce Scott Patterson start dating Kristine Saryan in 2001 and later on they announce their wedding and get married in 2014.Scott Patterson's Wife Kristine Saryan

How old is Scott Patterson’s wife?

Scott Patterson’s second wife is Kristine Saryan whom she married in 2014 and was born in 1982, Kristine Saryan is 38 Years old.