Chat GPT: help or hinder in studies? Learn how to use!

At the end of 2022, technological advances surprised everyone with the announcement of yet another free and affordable artificial intelligence (AI) toolcapable of answering numerous questions and creating virtual dialogues with humans: the Chat GPT. Find scholarships up to 80% The great easiness and speed of the robot, to interpret and answer all kinds of … Read more

Sisu, Prouni and Fies: MEC publishes notices of federal government programs

Another much-awaited moment has arrived among the entrance exam students: the announcement of public notices for federal government programs, to enroll in public and private colleges with a discount on monthly fees. + Find scholarships of up to 80% The Unified Selection System (Sisu), the University for All Program (Prouni) and the Student Financing Fund … Read more

7 tips to land your dream job in 2023

The beginning of the year is a time when people list goals, set new goals and also define what they want to achieve over the course of 12 months, both personally and professionally. One of the wishes that occupies the list of many people is to get the dream job in 2023. […]

Discover the profession of the BBB winners

Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​is one of the most anticipated realities by the public and is a program that generates many comments, whether because of the participants who enter the most watched house in Brazil, the gossip, the shacks and even the structure. Find scholarships up to 80% Since 2020 the program has resolved […]

What is Freelancing? Salary, routine and jobs

Whether to supplement income, choose this work model or lack of options in the market, today many people have chosen to be self-employed. But what is freelancing? Find scholarships of up to 80% If a few years ago fixed and office work was the only way, today there are several options, […]

Everything you need to know about Time Bank

Did you know that the hour bank system can be a great benefit not only for the employee, but for the company as well? Even with it undergoing some changes in 2017, it is still a widely used practice among corporations. Find scholarships of up to 80% However, there are still people, be they […]

How to calculate working hours?

A very familiar situation for self-employed professionals from the most varied segments is the doubt when calculating working hours. Often, insecurity regarding the amount charged results in prices below what could be received for the service provided. Find scholarships of up to 80% But after all, what is the value […]